Three Day Four Year Old Class - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:00-12:00 - MacMillan Letter Books 1-6 S.R. A Readiness Our four year old children are given many opportunities to develop all of the readiness skills they need for success in school. Good self esteem helps children get the most out of their education. We try to provide a good foundation and a positive first experience in school.
Full Three Day Four Year Old Class Curriculum.[PDF]
Full Three Day Four Year Supply List [PDF]

Five Day Four Year Old Class- Monday through Friday, 9:00- 12:00 - MacMillan Letter Books 1-13 S.R.A. Readiness Workbook, Happy Ways to Numbers

Our five day four year old classes are for the children who are ready to attend school five days a week. It is designed to prepare them both academically and socially. This program expands on the same readiness skills as our three day classes. We combine activities and materials from both the prekindergarten class and our three day classes. Most children who attend this class have completed our three year old program.
Five Day Four Year Old Class Curriculum. [PDF]
Five Day Four Year Old Supply List. [PDF]