The Philosophy of Cloverdale School

Because young children grow, develop and learn at a rapid pace in the early years, Cloverdale School's curriculums, programs, and activities are structured to meet the developmental needs of each specific age group.

The School's goal is to give each student the very best start possible and to instill in the child a love for learning, self esteem, personal success, self discipline and skills mastery. Materials are carefully evaluated as to their appropriateness for successful use in the classroom.

Each day is organized to include academics, socialization, physical skills, the arts, relaxation and movement, and wholesome fun.

The School recognizes the importance of the parent-child relationship and strives to maintain close supportive school and home communications. The values of the individual, family, country, democracy, and religion are respected in each classroom.

Mission Statement

Cloverdale School provides a healthy, happy and stimulating learning environment. The curriculum is an effective blending of developmental and academic programs designed to foster self-esteem and help each child reach full potential. The teachers strive to meet their students' individual needs, foster a love of learning, and maintain a strong parent-teacher partnership.